National College Health Assessment (NCHA)

Do you have a comprehensive picture of your students' health?

The ACHA-National College Health Assessment (NCHA) is a nationally recognized research survey that can assist you in collecting precise data about your students’ health habits, behaviors, and perceptions.

Introducing the ACHA-NCHA III Web-Based Survey!

We are pleased to announce that we will be implementing the ACHA-NCHA III Web Survey with the Fall 2019 survey period.  We are excited about the improvements made to the survey and will be providing you with more details about the ACHA-NCHA III in the coming weeks.

Here’s what you need to know now:

  • Beginning immediately, all schools implementing the ACHA-NCHA Web Survey will use the ACHA-NCHA III, unless they specify otherwise (see final bullet below.)
  • The survey was re-written, not merely revised. The NCHA III is a different survey than the ACHA-NCHA II. You will not be able to compare results between the two versions of the survey.
  • The Fall 2019 ACHA-NCHA Web Survey Reference Group will be formed from the NCHA III only.
  • Schools using the ACHA-NCHA Paper Survey will continue to use the NCHA II until further notice. Unfortunately, many of the enhancements made to the NCHA III (especially those using display and skip logic to improve the respondent experience) do not translate simply to a paper survey format. We’ll be addressing options for the paper survey over the next year.
  • Schools in the middle of a research or evaluation protocol that require continued use of the NCHA II web survey for comparison purposes will be permitted to do so upon request. Note that there will not be a reference group formed for the NCHA II unless there is enough participation in the ACHA-NCHA Paper Survey to warrant a reference group.

Preview the ACHA-NCHA III Web Survey here [pdf]

Whitelist Instructions

Updated: 11/8/18: There are four IP addresses/ranges and two email domains that your IT Department needs to whitelist during your survey implementation. See FAQs for more details.

IP Addresses/Ranges


Email Addresses


Note that if you are providing ACHA with personal student email addresses (gmail, hotmail, yahoo, etc.) rather than campus addresses, OR if you are unable to release student email addresses to ACHA, whitelisting is not necessary.

Other Updates