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While the questions on the web and paper versions of the ACHA-NCHA are identical, each version is designed with separate software packages so there are differences in appearance.



ACHA-NCHA IIc (Fall 2015-present)

Changes were made to the ACHA-NCHA IIb survey instrument beginning Fall 2015. The ACHA-NCHA IIc now includes E-cigarettes in items #8A and #9A. Items #20 (sexual partners) , #47 (sex and gender identity), and #48 (sexual orientation) have been revisited. A new variable has been computed based on sex at birth and gender identity. The new variable is used to sort cases into groups-female, male, non-binary, and missing for reporting purposes.

ACHA-NCHA IIb (Fall 2011-Spring 2015)

A number of items on the ACHA-NCHA II were changed beginning with the Fall 2011 survey period. Edits were made to nq16 (alcohol consequences), nq54 (race and ethnicity), and nq65 (disabilities). Also, nq66 was added to capture student veteran status.

ACHA-NCHA II (Fall 2008-Spring 2011)



Original ACHA-NCHA (Fall 2000-Spring 2008)