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ACHA-NCHA IIIb (Fall 2023-present)

Changes were made to the ACHA-NCHA III survey instrument beginning Fall 2023:

  • To be more inclusive of online learners, N3Q2 (sense of community/belonging) wording was changed and a "does not apply" option was added to N3Q21 (sense of safety on/near campus).
  • A follow-up question, N3Q40B, was added to learn if a pregnancy negatively impacted academic performance in the last 12 months.
  • N3Q47A13-A18 were reworded to clarify that the respondent experienced bullying, cyberbullying, hazing, microaggression, sexual harassment, or discrimination, and was not the perpetrator.
  • N3QMH1-6 were added to the mental health section to measure history of medication and therapy use.
  • N3Q54C and N3Q55B (where student received medical and mental health care) were removed.
  • COVID-19 vaccine (COVIDVAX) questions changed to reflect endemic.
  • "Asexual" was added to N3Q68 as a standalone response option (to date, it had been recoded from write-in responses).
  • Questions N3Q73B and C were added to the demographic section to learn more about dropout intention and risk.
  • N3Q74 was revised to be clearer about visa and international student status.
  • N3Q79 (health insurance question) is now "select all that apply" and an option for insurance coverage through "an embassy or sponsoring agency for international students" was added.
  • N3Q86A-C (Firearms) are now included in the standard survey (with the option to opt-out).

Sample Surveys

ACHA-NCHA III (Fall 2019-Spring 2023)

The survey was re-written, not merely revised. The NCHA III is a different survey than the ACHA-NCHA II. You will not be able to compare results between the two versions of the survey.



ACHA-NCHA IIc (Fall 2015-Spring 2019)

Changes were made to the ACHA-NCHA IIb survey instrument beginning Fall 2015. The ACHA-NCHA IIc now includes E-cigarettes in items #8A and #9A. Items #20 (sexual partners) , #47 (sex and gender identity), and #48 (sexual orientation) have been revisited. A new variable has been computed based on sex at birth and gender identity. The new variable is used to sort cases into groups-female, male, non-binary, and missing for reporting purposes.

ACHA-NCHA IIb (Fall 2011-Spring 2015)

A number of items on the ACHA-NCHA II were changed beginning with the Fall 2011 survey period. Edits were made to nq16 (alcohol consequences), nq54 (race and ethnicity), and nq65 (disabilities). Also, nq66 was added to capture student veteran status.

ACHA-NCHA II (Fall 2008-Spring 2011)



Original ACHA-NCHA (Fall 2000-Spring 2008)