How You Can Use the Data

With the NCHA, you can determine the most significant health priorities and trends of your student body.

With your survey data, you can:

  • Identify the most common health and behavior risks affecting students' academic performance
  • Design evidence-based health promotion programs with targeted educational and environmental initiatives.
  • Create social norms marketing campaigns by comparing students' actual behaviors to their perceptions about peer behavior.
  • Allocate monetary and staffing resources based upon defined needs.
  • Provide needs assessment data for campus and community task forces on sexual assault, alcohol use, eating disorders, etc.
  • Have readily available graphs and data for policy discussions and presentations with faculty, staff, administration, and board members.
  • Impact the campus culture by opening a dialogue about health with students and staff.
  • Develop proposals to secure grant funding to expand or develop programs.
  • Evaluate your programming efforts by conducting repeat administrations of the survey.

Plus many additional ways the data can be of service to your campus:

  • For faculty to present in social sciences, health, communications, and research classes.
  • For students to gain hands-on experience working with and analyzing data.
  • For campus and local media to cite in articles and editorials.
  • For administration to use in presentations for prospective students and parents and for freshmen orientation.
  • For marketing professionals to draw on for promotional materials.