Publications and Reports



    • Results from the ACHA-NCHA IIc, Fall 2015 to Spring 2019

      Changes were made to the ACHA-NCHA IIb survey instrument beginning Fall 2015. The ACHA-NCHA IIc now includes E-cigarettes in items #8A and #9A. Items #20 (sexual partners) , #47 (sex and gender identity), and #48 (sexual orientation) have been revisited. A new variable has been computed based on sex at birth and gender identity. The new variable is used to sort cases into groups-female, male, non-binary, and missing for reporting purposes.

    • Results from the ACHA-NCHA IIb, Fall 2011 to Spring 2015

      Changes were made to the ACHA-NCHA II survey instrument after Spring 2011. Item # 66 (student veteran status) was added. Items #16 (alcohol consequences), #54 (race/ethnicity), and #65 (disability status) were edited. Data from these items SHOULD NOT be compared with the same items in other versions of the ACHA-NCHA.

    • Results from the ACHA-NCHA II, Fall 2008 to Spring 2011

      The original ACHA-NCHA rewritten and introduced as the ACHA-NCHA II beginning with the Fall 2008 data collection period.  Comparisons between data collected with the original ACHA-NCHA (Spring 2000 – Spring 2008) may not be made with data collected from the ACHA-NCHA II.


The Impact of COVID-19 on College Student Well-Being

ACHA, in collaboration with the Healthy Minds Network, developed a set of survey items related to the students' experiences with the COVID-19 pandemic in the Spring of 2020. The items focused on students' attitudes, concerns, preventive behaviors, and their perceived supportiveness of colleges and universities related to COVID-19. View a brief data report which presents results from 18,764 students on 14 campuses that participated in the surveys from late March through May 2020.