What is the ACHA Well-Being Assessment?

The ACHA Well-Being Assessment aids university offices and staff in crafting focused, impactful, and evidence-based initiatives to bolster student well-being. Covering 14 dimensions of wellness recognized by experts as integral to student well-being in higher education, this yearly tool evaluates college students’ well-being on both the campus and national levels.

The questions are tailored toward traditionally aged (18-24 year old), full-time enrolled undergraduate students and the survey takes just 10 minutes for students to complete -- meaning better response rates and more comprehensive data to inform your campus well-being efforts!

Learn How to Participate in our 2024 Survey


What are the benefits of participation in the ACHA Well-Being Assessment?

Get the data you need to support well-being.

We provide all participating institutions with data that is useful for offering evidence-informed well-being support for undergraduate students.

Compare your results against other institutions nationwide.

Every participating institution will receive de-identified national-level summary reports to compare their individual campus results against.

We have a long and stable history of providing reliable results.

The survey is administered by the same team that conducts the National College Health Assessment, with years of experience and expertise.

Support every step of the way!

The ACHA Research Team will handle all aspects of the data collection.

What Do Results Look Like?

When your campus participates in the Well-Being Assessment, you'll receive an executive summary report that includes data revealing the status of your students in the 14 dimensions of well-being that are key to their success:

  • Happiness
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Loneliness
  • Social anxiety
  • Life satisfaction
  • Self-esteem
  • Optimism
  • Positive coping
  • Belonging
  • Meaning
  • Purpose
  • Activity engagement
  • Academic engagement

See the data reports from our fall 2023 pilot survey:

How to Participate

  1. Submit Order Form
    • Based upon your selected sample size and survey customizations, complete an order form.
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    • ACHA Institutional Members receive discounted pricing on the ACHA Well-Being Assessment.
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  2. Send Us Required Materials
    • Email us an Excel file of student email addresses, your letter of invitation/consent, and your preferred subject line.
    • Send us a copy of your Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval (and administrative approval, if applicable.) Refer to the FAQs below for additional information.
    • We handle the rest — we email the invitation and reminder letters to your students, collect, and download the data, and generate your data reports.
  3. Get Your Data Reports Package
    When you complete the survey process and administrative requirements, we will send you:
    • An institutional data file — statistical program file with built-in codebook for your own analysis
    • A comprehensive institutional report — frequency distribution for every survey question by sex and for all subjects
    • An institutional executive summary — highlights of your results
    When the annual survey period has ended, we will send you:
    • An aggregate reference group report and reference group executive summary for your survey period — so you can compare your data to the national sample.
    The average turnaround time for the return of your institutional results is only six weeks or less once your survey has closed.

Tools for Implementing the ACHA Well-Being Assessment

For More Information, Contact

Valerie Hartman, MS
Manager, Research Administration
(443) 270-4552