AVP/AVCs Health & Well-Being Task Force

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Please note: ACHA Regular Individual and Student members may be appointed by the ACHA President to Board Advisory Committees and Ad Hoc Committees (usually Task Forces) unless otherwise specified in the ACHA Bylaws. Associate members may not be appointed to these committees.

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Volunteer LeaderOrganizationPositionAlpha by Last Name
Joyce DeWitt-Parker, PhDState University of New York - AlbanyCo-ChairDEWITT-PARKER, JOYCE
Kirk Dougher, PhDWashington University In Saint LouisCo-ChairDOUGHER, KIRK
Darren O. Aaron, MHA, FACHAUniversity of North Carolina - GreensboroBoard LiaisonAARON, DARREN
Tanya McMillanAmerican College Health AssociationStaff LiaisonMCMILLAN, TANYA