Because having accurate data about the health of college students is an important goal for ACHA, the association conducts several surveys on a variety of issues. Benchmarking surveys add to the knowledge base of how student health services are funded, their scope of operations, and the degree to which services are used by the student/college population.

Information from many of these surveys is provided to members so that they can use the data to design or improve their health services.

ACHA Clinical Benchmarking Program

A significant part of the American College Health Association's mission is to enhance its members' ability to advance the health of all students and the campus community. To meet this mission, ACHA, through its Benchmarking Committee, has developed a series of clinical benchmarking tools in response to many university and college health centers' desire to have a means to benchmark their clinical quality care standards

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College Health Facilities

The ACHA National Survey on College Health Facilities was designed to capture information regarding the facilities used to support college health services that are administratively reportable to the college health service director. The data from this survey allow aggregated facility comparisons of our traditional field demographics as well as scope of services, staffing, and utilization data elements.
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College Health Salary and Staffing Survey Report

This report contains information gathered through a comprehensive survey on salary and staffing levels from the field. The Salary and Staffing Report is a valuable resource that:

  • Provides salary and staffing data for more than 50 positions in several personnel categories
  • Reports the ranges for salaries to include the minimum, 25th percentile, median, mean, 75th percentile, and maximum reported levels
  • Displays staffing levels (in full-time equivalents) in a similar manner
  • Depicts the average (mean) level for each position
  • Organizes and presents all of this information according to several variables, including the type, size, location, and Carnegie classification of the institution.

Discounts on the survey report are available for ACHA members and survey participants.  
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Utilization of Student Health Services

The ACHA Benchmarking Committee designed this survey, conducted in 2010, to develop a database about the utilization of programs in institutions of higher education that serve to advocate the health of students. The data collected through this survey enable us to better understand the scope of services, utilization, and staffing of student health services nationally.
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Other Surveys

ACHA Faculty and Staff Health and Wellness Survey 

The ACHA Faculty and Staff Health and Wellness Coalition conducted this survey in 2012 to collect data about faculty and staff health promotion and wellness programs on ACHA member campuses. The data collected provides valuable information about these programs and assists the coalition in assessing the scope and extent of educational efforts to address the health and wellness of faculty and staff on campus.

Survey Results [pdf]

Student Learning Outcomes Survey

Institutions of higher education (IHEs) are paying increased attention to the development and assessment of student learning outcomes (SLOs) in all realms of campus life, not just in the classroom. As part of the movement to include student services in the student learning mission of the institution, ACHA conducted a survey on the degree to which Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) are utilized by student health services. It is hoped that the survey results posted below will also assist to benchmark knowledge and resources pertaining to the assessment of learning outcomes.
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