Leadership Orientation

Thank you for your willingness to serve ACHA in a volunteer leadership capacity!

The association and its members look forward to benefiting from your professional expertise and perspectives. Since ACHA's founding in 1920, volunteers have been its lifeblood. Without the dedication, commitment, vision, energy, and service of volunteer leaders such as you — and hundreds like you — your association would not have been able to continue its remarkable growth and presence as the premier national organization for college and university health.


Serving in a volunteer leadership capacity is an important undertaking for both you and the association. Your leadership position carries with it an inherent fiduciaryresponsibility to the association which requires that the best interests of ACHA shall be the principal determinant and/or consideration regarding any and all actions you perform on behalf of the association. Volunteer leaders are not in permanent positions; in fact, they are almost always term-limited, thereby expanding the opportunity to contribute to a broader base of ACHA's membership. This is the very nature of a volunteer driven organization.

Because there is frequent turnover among volunteer leaders, this web page is devoted to presenting several orientation topics for your understanding and application. The overall intent is that we all operate from a common understanding and base of knowledge regarding these topics with the ultimate objective of operating an efficient and effective national association.

The topics we present for your review are:

We encourage you to bookmark this web page and re-visit it from time to time, or for reference as required, in order to further assist you with supporting ACHA and/or conducting the business of the association.


  • Board members of a nonprofit organization stand in afiduciaryrelationship with the organization
  • A"fiduciary"is someone who is in a position of authority with respect to another, and who must exercise that authority with care andloyalty
  • The duty ofloyaltythat is part of a director'sfiduciaryobligations requires placing the well-being of the organization above all other priorities
  • Properly managingconflicts of interestis a product of the duty ofloyalty