What is the ACHA-PSAS?

The ACHA-Patient Satisfaction Assessment Service (ACHA-PSAS) gauges patient satisfaction and provides insight into the quality and performance of a college or university health service.

What are the benefits of participation in the ACHA-PSAS?

As a patient satisfaction measurement tool, it can help your health service:

  • Support accreditation: Accreditation processes typically entail some form of organizational self-assessment of quality of care or services.
  • Track performance over time: The health service can compare survey periods to determine if it is meeting its goals and has improved.
  • Compare results to other institutions nationwide: Determine whether your school is providing a standard of care on par with other health services.
  • Provide results 24/7: Monitor the ongoing assessment results and address dissatisfaction immediately.

How to Participate

Complete the Order Form below and submit with payment for participation fees and report packages. Also submit your list of providers and any custom questions (if applicable). Upon survey closing, you will be asked to complete a Demographic Survey. Please track the number of surveys distributed during your survey period.

  1. Pricing and Order Form [pdf]
    Includes pricing for ACHA Institutional Members and Institutional Non-members. You can check to see if your school is a member here.

  2. Submit your list of providers and any custom questions (if applicable).

  3. Submit the required Demographic Survey, which will be sent to you upon survey closing.

Resources for Participants and Prospective Participants

ACHA-PSAS User's Manual [pdf]

A handy resource for colleges and universities that are considering implementing the ACHA-PSAS.

Sample Survey [web link]

Sample only—NOT to be sent to your students. Each institution will have its own personalized survey link. Please note that when a patient selects a score between 0 and 2 on patient satisfaction items Q14 & Q23 they will automatically be brought to supplemental questions further exploring the reasons for the lower satisfaction ratings. A score of 3, 4, or 5 automatically skips the supplemental questions.

Sample Report [pdf]

Sample Demographics of Participating Colleges and Universities [pdf]

Sample Letter to Students [Word doc]

generic sample letter inviting students to participate in the ACHA-PSAS


Valerie Hartman, MS
Manager, Research Administration
(443) 270-4552