Sexual Health

This page is an index of ACHA and other resources on this topic. Resources include association projects, programs, publications, guidelines, and more. Additional information may be available under “External Resources.”

ACHA Resources

Sexual Health Coalition
Provides multidisciplinary, multiregional education, advocacy, and research on sexual health and clinical care.

ACHA Guidelines: HIV Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis

ACHA Guidelines: Best Practices for Sexual Health Promotion and Clinical Care in College Health Settings

ACHA Sexual Health Services Survey
The annual ACHA Sexual Health Services Survey (formerly the Pap Test and STI Survey) provides colleges and universities with benchmarking data about sexual and reproductive health services including the provision of gynecological services, Pap test collection and evaluation, and STI/HIV testing and treatment.

ACHA Position Statement on Expedited Partner Therapy
ACHA supports the CDC EPT recommendation and urges states and their respective health agencies to enact legislation to allow expedited partner therapy for chlamydia and/or gonorrhea.

ACHA Brochures for Young Adults

ACHA Programs

ACHA-National College Health AssessmentThe ACHA-National College Health Assessment is a nationally recognized research survey that provides precise data about students’ health habits, behaviors, and perceptions. College students are a diverse yet distinct population with specific health risks and needs. Having current, relevant data about your students’ health can only help you to enhance campuswide health promotion and prevention services. Click below to find out how you can participate in the survey or to download published articles and comprehensive data reports of the results from the ACHA-NCHA.

External Resources

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American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG)

ACOG Report: “Collaboration in Practice: Implementing Team-Based Care.”
This report recommends patient-centered collaboration across all specialties and professions.

American Sexual Health Association (ASHA)

ASHA Resources for Health Care Providers

CDC Guide to Taking a Sexual History

CDC HPV Resources for Health Professionals

CDC Sexual Health Topics Page

CDC STD Treatment Guidelines 2015

CDC GYT: Get Yourself Tested

CDC GYT Publications

National Coalition for Sexual Health (NCSH)

The Sexual Health List

Student Sex Life
This website, developed by The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy, is a portal that community colleges can use to help their students make smart decisions about sex and relationships, which in turn can affect their educational success. Developed with input from community college staff, faculty, and students, Student Sex Life provides links to reliable sources of information about birth control, healthy relationships, and related subjects.