Provide Essential Health Information to Students with the ACHA Print-on-Demand E-Brochure Library

We are now offering full, digital access to ACHA’s entire library of brochures for one annual price! 
This yearly subscription includes up to five designated users who will have access to the library of e-brochures and can print each brochure an unlimited number of times. Additional users can be added for a fee. 

Why E-Brochures?

Enjoy access to ACHA’s entire library of brochures.
You can electronically view and print all of ACHA’s brochures in their entirety, making your budget go farther.

No more waiting on your items to ship!
Get information to your students exactly when you need to.

Control your own inventory.
Print just a few at a time or hundreds—you know best which brochures are needed on your campus, and how many. Best of all, you can print each brochure an unlimited number of times!

Put information immediately in your students’ hands.
The ability to print brochures on demand allows you to arm students with valuable, relevant information right away, even if it’s a brochure that isn’t in your mass-printed inventory.

Always have access to the latest version of each brochure.
Brochures are posted online as soon as they've been updated, and you will be able to access them immediately. You can rest assured knowing each time you print a brochure, it will be the most up-to-date version!

Details and Pricing

ACHA Institutional Members receive discounted pricing on e-brochure subscriptions.

Annual E-Brochures Subscription includes:

  • Access to ACHA’s entire library of e-brochures for one year
  • Up to five unique users (with a two-device limit per user)
  • Unlimited printing for each brochure

Institutional Member Pricing
Annual e-brochures subscription (includes up to five users) = $350
Each additional user = $70

Nonmember Pricing
Annual e-brochures subscription (includes up to five users) = $500
Each additional user = $100

Placing an Order

Orders for the annual e-brochure subscription can be placed by filling out this order form [pdf]. Please submit completed order forms via email to or by fax to (410) 859-1510.

Please download and complete the Designated Users List form [csv] and send to Once your payment and user list has been received, your users will be added to the e-brochure portal. Once added, they will receive an email with instructions on how to log in and access the e-brochure library.

To see samples of the brochures, please email

Brochure Titles

  • A Good Night’s Sleep
  • Acne Self-Care
  • Alcohol Use: What Everyone Should Know
  • Birth Control: Choosing a Method
  • Dealing with Depression: What Everyone Should Know
  • Drugs: What Everyone Should Know
  • Eating 101: The Basics of Good Nutrition
  • Eating Disorders: What Everyone Should Know
  • HIV Infection and AIDS: What Everyone Should Know
  • How to Help a Friend with a Drinking Problem
  • HPV: Symptoms, Treatment, and Prevention
  • Immunizations: They’re Not Just for Children
  • Know Your Status: Getting Yourself Tested for HIV
  • Making Sex Safer
  • Man to Man: Tips for Healthy Living for Men Who Have Sex with Men
  • Managing the Common Cold
  • Meningococcal Disease on Campus: Know Your Risk
  • Mono: Symptoms and Treatment
  • Recuperating from Stomach Illness: Dietary Recommendations
  • Safer Sex
  • Sexual Violence: What Everyone Should Know
  • Sexually Transmitted Infections: What Everyone Should Know
  • Sprains, Strains, and Over-Use Injuries
  • Stress in College: What Everyone Should Know
  • Woman to Woman: Tips for Healthy Living for Women Who Have Sex with Women