Journal of American College Health

The Journal of American College Health is the only scholarly publication devoted entirely to college students’ health.

Published bi-monthly by Taylor & Francis Group in cooperation with ACHA, this prize-winning journal covers developments and research in this broad field, including clinical and preventive medicine, health promotion, environmental health and safety, nursing assessment, interventions, management, pharmacy, and sports medicine. The journal regularly publishes major articles on student behaviors, mental health, and health care policies and includes a section for discussion of controversial issues.

Approved (authorized) ACHA members will receive an emailed link to access JACH online, as well as full access to the journal's archives. An additional fee applies if you would like to receive mailed hard copy issues of the journal. Please check with your member representative if you are at a member school to see if all complimentary journal slots have been filled. If available, they can add you to the online journal list via the Roster Manager for free. Otherwise, there is a small fee. 

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JACH Cover Photos: A Showcase of Student Health and Wellness Centers

From 2006-2020, a student health or wellness center was pictured on the cover of each issue of the journal, along with a written description of the facility, including services provided, something about how it came to be built or fits into campus life, architectural facts, its history, etc. JACH Photo Editor Ted W. Grace, MD, MPH, director of Student Health Services at Southern Illinois University Carbondale, led this project and solicited contributions from campuses everywhere. As the JACH moved to a primarily digital publication, the cover series was retired. Please explore these covers here: