Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) Provider Education

A Partnership with Gilead Sciences, Inc.

Published November/December 2020

Acknowledging that campus health professionals are well positioned to help guide young adults at risk of acquiring HIV towards healthy choices, ACHF partnered with Gilead Sciences, Inc. to create several new pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) publications for use by campus health service staff. The brochures were reviewed and vetted by a team of ACHA members who specialize in campus sexual health promotion and clinical care. Most of these documents are now available for download through the ACHA online store at no cost.

Advancing Access

This short, student-focused handout provides information to campus health providers and staff about Gilead’s Patient Assistance Program so that they can help their students enroll. This handout was developed in partnership with Gilead Sciences, Inc. Hard copies are available by emailing Robyn Buchsbaum.

This digital version of Advancing Access, provided by Gilead Sciences, Inc, is written for the general public.


Student Access Card

This handout is meant to be given directly to students who are enrolling in Gilead’s Patient Assistance Program on their own. It specifically addresses some of the confidentiality concerns common among college students. This card was developed with financial support from Gilead Sciences, Inc.

Available as a free download.


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