Protecting Students from MenB: A Partnership with Pfizer

Materials for Sharing with Students

ACHF, in partnership with Pfizer, has developed a digital brochure to be shared with students to help educate them on the causes, symptoms, and spread of serogroup B meningococcal disease (MenB). The brochure also highlights prevention of MenB through vaccination and the rates of MenB compared to other serogroups. Available materials include a PDF version as well as images to be shared on a campus website or through social media accounts.

This brochure can be posted directly on your campus health center website as either an image or a PDF, or shared on social media platforms.

Please visit the ACHA Store to download a zip file that includes the following:

  • A PDF for printing or posting as link on a website
  • An image for web posting (a PNG for posting as an image on a website) 
  • Social media-optimized images (PNGs for sharing on social media sites)


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