Partner-Supported Projects and Resources

ACHF is working to partner with non-profit organizations, foundations, and corporations to create a series of materials to benefit students and college health professionals. Here you will find a list of the resources that have been created in partnership with other entities. The Foundation is grateful for the opportunity to partner with other organizations that prioritize college health and student well-being.

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Are you a non-profit organization, foundation, or corporation looking to create resources for college health professionals or students? Email to schedule a call to discuss how we can work together to ensure a healthy future for college students.

Available Publications and Resources 

Guide for Travel Health Practices

An Educational Partnership with Valneva
Learn more.

Implementing Sexual Health Care Best Practices

A partnership with Hologic
Learn more.

Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) Provider Education

A partnership with Gilead Sciences, Inc.
Learn more.

Protecting Students from MenB

A partnership with Pfizer, Inc.
Learn more.

Supporting College Students with Type 1 Diabetes

A partnership with Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF)
Learn more.

Understanding Vaccine Coverage on College Campuses

A research partnership with Pfizer, Inc.
Learn more.

Utilizing Social Media to Increase HPV Vaccination

A partnership with Merck
Learn more.

Well-Being in a College Campus Setting

A Partnership with Aetna Student Health
Learn more.  

Projects In Progress

Addressing Well-Being on Campuses: A Partnership with UnitedHealthcare Student Resources

ACHA-NCHA data continue to show worrisome mental well-being trends among college students. In an effort to address these concerns, UnitedHealthcare Student Resources group and ACHF agreed to a three-year partnership to create an online resilience tool for students. This tool, entitled “Wellstart,” is a fully animated, four-part modular program focusing on core issues facing students: transition to college, loneliness, identity, and stress. A strategies library is also included. The Wellstart program is currently being piloted and is available to campuses for free through fall 2022. For more information or to bring Wellstart to your campus, contact

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