ACHF Partner Resources

ACHF is working to partner with non-profit organizations, foundations, and corporations to create a series of materials to benefit students and college health professionals. Here you will find a list of the resources that have been created in partnership with other entities. The Foundation is grateful for the opportunity to partner with other organizations that prioritize college health and student well-being.

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Are you a non-profit organization, foundation, or corporation looking to create resources for college health professionals or students? Email to schedule a call to discuss how we can work together to ensure a healthy future for college students.

Partner Projects

Framing Well-Being in a College Campus Setting: A Partnership with Aetna Student Health

The American College Health Foundation, with generous sponsorship from Aetna Student Health, has published a white paper entitled "Framing Well-Being in a College Campus Setting." The purpose of this project was to examine the state of the field of well-being at a diverse sample of institutions of higher education. Looking at well-being initiatives through the lens of both student and employee stakeholders, the researchers reveal new trends in creating cultures of care on campus. This paper presents major themes, lessons learned, and questions for the future of well-being and is appropriate for campuses looking to explore the transition from a health and wellness paradigm to a more holistic approach to campus well-being.

Download a free copy of the whitepaper [pdf].

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF)

Developed in partnership with the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, this brochure provides education for health care providers and includes a brief overview, treatment considerations for college students, insulin and technology information, nutrition and exercise considerations, sick day planning, and more.

Download a free copy of the brochure through the ACHA Store.

Protecting Students from MenB: A Partnership with Pfizer

ACHF, in partnership with Pfizer, has developed two educational brochures for key stakeholders to bridge the gap of knowledge regarding MenB and MenB vaccines. These materials were developed specifically for college students and campus health professionals/administrators.

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