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Pioneers in College Health
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Annual Meeting December 1899

1. Chas C. Stroud (Tufts); 2. F.H. Cann (New York University); 3. Dr. J.A. Babbitt (Haverford); 4. Dr. Casper Miller (University of Pennsylvania); 5. George Velte (Trinity); 6. Dr. W. Anderson (Yale University); 7. Dr. W.L. Savage (Columbia); 8. Dr. R. Tait McKenzie (McGill University); 9. George Goldie (Princeton University); 10. Dr. D.A. Sargent (Harvard University); 11. Dr. Hitchcock (Amherst College); 12. Dr. J.W. Seaver (Yale University); 14. Dr. Cummings (Swarthmore); 15. Dr. W.W. Bolser (Bates); 16. Dr. Paul Phillips (Amherst College); 17. Dr. G. Banning (Colgate)

A list of ACHA’s Charter Members; these members gathered in Chicago, Illinois on December 31, 1920 for the first ACHA Annual Meeting.