ACHA Statement Regarding Trump Administration ACA Executive Order

The American College Health Association (ACHA) is alarmed by the Trump Administration’s recent decision to roll back large sections of the Affordable Care Act via an executive order. Not only does this action undermine the traditional legislative process through which these important widespread changes should occur, it undermines the stability of the U.S. health care system.

For our nation’s college students, we have major concerns that this recent action will push healthy individuals towards low coverage health plans, which will further destabilize the ACA insurance exchanges and lead to further increases in premiums for the most vulnerable and ill. These changes will also lead to situations where individuals believe they have insurance coverage, only to find once they become ill, their policy fails to cover them and creates financial hardship due to high plan deductibles.

Additionally, ACHA opposes the Trump Administration’s recent announcement that it will immediately halt federal payments for cost-sharing subsidies. ACHA believes that stopping such subsidies harms the most vulnerable citizens of our nation, including college students with limited financial resources, and will ultimately force these individuals to forgo insurance coverage.

We are deeply troubled by these recent actions and urge the Trump Administration and Congress to work towards a bipartisan solution, utilizing the traditional legislative process, that will provide affordable quality health care for our students and all Americans.