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Kiira Student Health

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Kiira student health is a modern telemedicine solution for students. We connect young people to trusted clinicians who offer physical, mental, and emotional care to students. Kiira is available 24/7, after hours, and on weekends to support student health initiatives on college campuses along with resources, events, and insights to better serve student health needs.
611 N Brand Suite 1300
Glendale, CA 91203
(832) 878-1651
Prevention and Treatment

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Category Descriptions

  • Insurance – e.g., student health insurance, athletic accident insurance, study abroad insurance, clinic coverage on campus, and other forms of insurance
  • Administration – e.g., accreditation, assessment, benefits management, case management, integrated health, marketing & communications, research
  • Education/Advocacy – e.g., advocacy, government, guidelines/recommendations, information resources, outreach, professional development, publishing
  • Lab & Diagnostics – e.g., diagnostics/testing services, diagnostics/testing supplies, laboratory services, laboratory supplies
  • Prevention & Treatment – e.g., behavioral health, complementary medicine, disease management, health promotion, immunization, LGBTQ+ health, medical supplies, men's health, mental health, pharmaceuticals, recovery, sexual health, substance use/abuse, supplements, telehealth, travel health, treatment facility, vaccines, women’s health
  • Software/Information Technology – e.g., clinic management, electronic health records, pharmacy management software, software engineering services