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September 29 Agenda [doc]

Wellness Needs of Military Veteran Students Coalition

If you would like to learn more about this group or have a question related to this topic, contact the chairperson listed below.

The purpose of the ACHA Wellness Needs of Military Veteran Students coalition is:

  • To support ACHA’s core value to support social justice, human dignity, and respect for all by ensuring that ACHA maintains an active group of multi-disciplinary individuals committed to raising the concerns of military veteran students.
  • To help college health professionals identify the unique needs of student veterans as they transition from non-military life as first time or returning college students.
  • To encourage college health professionals to develop culturally competent health services that are reflective of the unique health needs of military veteran students.
  • To be a mechanism for the exchange of information, resources, and tools to address the health concerns of student veterans and professional concerns of college health professionals.
  • To identify, generate, and disseminate best practices addressing the unique health needs of student veterans.
  • To provide continuing education, advocacy, and professional development across ACHA as it relates to the wellness needs of military veteran students.

Please note: Any ACHA individual member (Regular, Student, Associate, or Emeritus) may join a coalition; however, only Regular Individual and Student Members may vote or hold office in a coalition.

Volunteer LeaderOrganizationPositionAlpha by Last Name
Belinda Vea, BA, MA, PhDUniversity Of California Office Of The PresidentCo-ChairVEA, BELINDAVETS
Sheila Lynn Price, FNP-CSouthern Methodist UniversityCo-ChairPRICE, SHEILAVETS
Brenda Masiga-Crowell, DNP, MBA, RN, CNLPurdue UniversityBoard LiaisonMASIGA-CROWELL, BRENDAVETS
Tanya McMillanAmerican College Health AssociationStaff LiaisonMCMILLAN, TANYAVETS

Coalitions provide a multi-disciplinary, topic-oriented organizational mechanism with broad geographic representation for continuing education; advocacy; knowledge; standards; and professional development. They enhance channels of communication among members with different professional backgrounds to address common issues in college health and expand membership participation opportunities in the association. Coalitions serve as an information and consultative resource for ACHA members and other communities of interest, and help create informational and educational resources, guidelines, and/or best practices. They are available to advise the Board of Directors on relevant policy issues and plan, solicit, or facilitate programming at ACHA and affiliate annual meetings.

How to Join this Coalition

Getting involved in a coalition is a great way to:

  • Join forces with other college health professionals to work on the issues most meaningful to you.
  • Stay abreast of the latest news on specific issues.
  • Assist ACHA in promoting healthy campus communities and advancing the health of college students.
  • Maximize your membership investment.

To join a coalition:
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