SWCHA Coffee Chat Recordings 

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Wrap Around Services

November Coffee Chat and Roundtable (recorded November 8, 2023)
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Health Education, large scale collaborations

September Coffee Chat and Roundtable (recorded October 18, 2023)
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Texas Senate Bill 17, navigating law around DEI and continuing to serve our students

September Coffee Chat and Roundtable (recorded September 20, 2023)
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Gen Z Non-Negotiables

April Coffee Chat and Roundtable (recorded April 19, 2023)
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Governance and Staff Involvement

March Coffee Chat and Roundtable (recorded March 8, 2023)
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February Coffee Chat and Roundtable (recorded February 15, 2023)
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Using Data to Support the Value of Services

November 16, 2022

The Role of Health Centers on College Campuses/Health Literacy Conversation

October Coffee Chat and Roundtable (recorded October 19, 2022)
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SWCHA 2024 Regional Conference Presentation Slides

Dr. Jason Kilmer, Motivational Interviewing

Dr. Benjamin Montemayor & Dr. Adam Berry, Addressing Substance Use and Misuse

Erica Bumpurs & Dr. Carol Griggs, Services for the Emerging Adult

Dr. Robert Williams & Pam Stanosheck, PrEP Program

Chris Dawe, Evolution of Wellbeing and Health Promoting Universities

Dr. Kevin Milligan, True Colors

Brittani Clarkson, Restorative Practices

Dr. Arthi Krishman, Peer Review

Lauren Dorsett, Adopting Okanagan Charter

Susan Hochman, Public Relations, Marketing and Branding

Dr. Sarah Doss, Student Volunteers

2024 SWCHA Business Meeting Presentation