SCHA 2024 Call for Programs

SCHA 2024

March 5-7, 2024
Florida Atlantic University

The Call for Programs has ended.

In line with SCHA’s mission and vision, we welcome proposals from clinical staff, professionals, administrators, and educators, who are committed to the advancement of health for all students and their campus community. Given our theme, “Strength in Our Diversity,” we encourage participants to consider the role of equity and inclusion in their proposals. 

We are interested in hearing from experts in the following disciplines: 

  1. Medical and nursing updates including new diagnostics, best practices, and treatment modalities for common health conditions
  2. Best strategies for supporting students’ mental well-being, addressing stress, anxiety, depression, and caring for students in crisis 
  3. Promoting health and wellness on an individual and community level  
  4. Nutritional advances and updates in eating disorder care, food insecurity, and healthy weight 
  5. Developing effective leadership skills in college health 
  6. Improving care through robust Quality Improvement programs  
  7. Challenges and solutions to insurance and billing 

The above list is not meant to be comprehensive. If you have questions, please contact

How to Submit a Proposal

The online form below must be entered in one sitting, therefore...

  1. Compile your program proposal using the Program Submission Form [MS Word]
  2. For each co-presenter, complete a separate Co-Presenter Bio and Disclosure Form [MS Word] and save each under a file name beginning with the co-presenter's LAST NAME
  3. Once you are sure all information is complete and can be entered online in one sitting, cut and paste the information from your proposal worksheet into the online form below. At the end of the form, you will be required to attach your Program Submission Worksheet and all Co-Presenter Forms.

Required fields are indicated by a "*"