Keynote Speakers

Wednesday, March 8 at 12:00pm

Creating a Culture of Well-being where you and your team THRIVE

Dr. Christina Bowen
Chief Well-Being Officer
ECU Health

Discuss the importance of utilizing a holistic approach to personal and team well-being. Explore the science supporting self-care in the prevention of burnout. Discuss how leading self then allows for leading teams and culture transformation.

Christina Bowen, MD, has been practicing and leading as a primary care physician in her communities for over 15 years. She began her leadership experience as Chief Resident at Carolinas Medical Center for the family medicine residency. Dr. Bowen was asked to continue in Charlotte and serve as a faculty member for the family medicine residency after completion of her training. Dr. Bowen moved back to eastern North Carolina to serve the rural communities in which she grew up. While living in eastern North Carolina she has practiced integrative primary care with a focus on her patient’s emotional well-being and the impact on their physical diagnoses.  Dr. Bowen has also served her community over the last ten years as the medical director for the Dare County Department of Public Health where she is engaged in public health initiatives for her rural community. The National Organization of State Offices of Rural Health recognized Dr. Bowen as the first North Carolina recipient of their Community Star Award in 2020 for her work in Dare County. 

She has assisted in leading employee well-being initiatives for ECU Health and ECU Health Medical Center as the Medical Director for the Office of Experience.  Over the last three years Dr. Bowen has led and partnered with others in the organization to support well-being and experience of team members with an emphasis over the last 2 years on supporting team member’s emotional well-being. Dr. Bowen accepted the position of ECU Health’s first Chief Well-being Officer in January of this year. Dually reporting to Chief Experience Office, Dr. Julie Kennedy Oehlert, and Chief Diversity, Inclusion and Talent Management Officer Mark Dunn, Dr. Bowen will champion well-being efforts through the lens of team member and provider engagement and equity.  In this role, Dr. Bowen will be responsible for developing, guiding and implementing team member and provider well-being and resilience initiatives founded on evidence-based best practices and organizational data. She will also collaborate with ECU Health’s wellness teams to introduce and support new programs that positively influence the population health of the communities in which we proudly serve.


Thursday, March 9 at 12:30pm

7 Star Service: Turn Every Customer into a Fan

Ruby Newell-Legner, CSP
7 Star Service

The current horizon in customer service is creating a customized service experience. Are you ready to take your customer service to the next level and create a truly positive experience? Unveil the secrets of achieving a 7 star service experience for your customers and your staff.  Discover how to anticipate customer expectations and develop loyalty and trust. Unlock the secrets to building a positive work environment and motivate your staff to strive for excellence.

For 28 years, Customer Experience Expert Ruby Newell-Legner has trained and consulted with 1695 facilities worldwide, including 60 schools, universities, colleges, and military installations. She offers 7 Star Service solutions to amplify a company’s brand and bottom line. Ruby helps organizations build a customer-centric culture from their front-line employees to their customers, between co-workers and their peers, and from managers, to the employees they supervise and mentor.  She has been listed in the Top 30 Global Gurus for Customer Service for 3 years.

As a Certified Speaking Professional, Ruby has presented more than 3000 programs in 25 countries. She served as President of the National Speakers Association 2015-2016 and currently serves as Vice President of the Global Speakers Federation. She will serve as Global Speakers Federation President from 2024-2025.

The results speak for themselves - using Ruby's expertise in leadership, customer experience, and employee engagement, her clients have:

  • Increased Customer Satisfaction by 17%
  • Amplified repeat business by 19%
  • Increased revenue by 16% in one year