SCHA Strategic Plan

The Southern College Health Association (SCHA) is a voluntary, non-profit, regional affiliate (Region I) of the American College Health Association (ACHA).  The SCHA fully supports the vision, mission, core values, and strategic goals of the ACHA.

The purpose of the SCHA is to provide a professional organization which institutions of higher education, their student health services, other interested individuals and organizations may join in order to work together to promote health, including preventive and health promotion programs, on behalf of those they serve, the students.


To be a premiere ACHA affiliate that constantly strives to add value to the work of its institutional and individual members.


The mission of the Southern College Health Association (SCHA) is to enhance its members' ability to advance the health of all students and their campus communities in the Southern Region of the American College Health Association.  This is accomplished by promoting communication among members and member institutions through educational programming and networking opportunities, by providing support and advocacy for college health professionals including leadership training and opportunities for service, and by serving as an agent of communication with the American College Health Association.  The success of this mission will be evident as the members and member institutions work together to promote the health and well-being of the students and the campuses they serve.

Core Values

  1. Student-Centered Services
  2. Student Engagement and Retention
  3. High-Quality SHS Services (Medical, Psychological, Preventive, etc.)
  4. Sound Resource Management (Financial, Human Resources, Information, etc.)
  5. Collaborative & Participative Leadership
  6. Multidisciplinary Approach to Problem Solving
  7. Professional and Ethical Organizations, Leaders, and Staff
  8. Diversity and Cultural Competence

Strategic Goals

  1. Provide opportunities for continuing education in various formats to promote and support high quality SHS services.
    1. SCHA Annual Conference
    2. Sunbelt Directors Meeting
    3. Travel Grants
  1. Provide opportunities for SCHA members to participate and provide leadership in the organization and to prepare for career advancement.
    1. At-Large Board Membership
    2. Committee Service via Chairs and Memberships
    3. Travel Grants
    4. Benchmark Surveys
    5. Mentorship Program
    6. Job Postings
  1. Provide a mechanism for effective and timely communication with members.
    1. Email Blasts to Members
    2. Website Postings
    3. Annual SCHA Conference
    4. Annual Sunbelt Conference
    5. Awards & Recognition Programs
  1. Provide opportunities and a format for information sharing and benchmarking regarding effective resource management.
    1. Budgeting - State Funds vs Auxiliary Funds
    2. Staffing and Benefits Management
    3. Revenue Enhancement – Student Health Fees, Fees-for-Service
    4. Cost Containment – Purchasing Contracts, Maintenance Contracts, Medical Equipment, Medical Supplies, Utilities, Construction Costs, Facility Renovations
    5. Student Health Insurance Programs (SHIPs)
    6. Managed Care Contracting – Billing Services
    7. Federal Health Insurance Reform - Medicare / Medicaid
  1. Provide opportunities for development of cultural competence
    1. Collaboration with Caribbean schools
    2. Collaboration with African schools
    3. Diversity Training

Approved by SCHA Executive Board

May 27, 2014


Updated: 03/04/2015



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