Pacific Coast College Health Association Research and Grants Committee

Due to the Pandemic, PCCHA has had to suspend our annual meeting. Please continue to check back for updates to future plans to resume activities in 2024!

While we wait for 2024, please see information below so you can review and plan in the interim. 

Annual Call for Proposals for Dr. Joel Grinolds' Grants

Available to students as well as staff and faculty. See criteria below.


To make available, on an annual basis, financial support for college health researchers and innovators.

Award Amount Available:

A total of $2500.00 will be available in this year. It is the policy of PCCHA to provide funding for direct costs only in support of the Dr. Joel Grinolds’ grants. No grant funds shall be allocated to indirect costs, also known as overhead, facilities, or other administrative costs.


  1. Proposed research or innovation must be in an area relevant to college health or to the health of students. Proposals that contribute broadly to the body of college health research and development are encouraged.
  2. Applicants, in addition to the institution, must be a current member of ACHA/PCCHA.
    Note: ACHA's membership model allows all individuals who are part of a member school to join ACHA/PCCHA for free. See "Is My School a Member?" to see if you are eligible a free individual membership.
  3. Applicants may be part of the institution’s staff, faculty, or student body.
  4. Applicants must submit a formal proposal that does not exceed 5 pages. The proposal must be student oriented, clearly delineate costs in proposed budget, including other funding sources necessary to implement grant (if applicable, future funding) and a method of evaluation.
  5. Proposals must have potential to impact institutions other than the grant recipient’s institution.
  6. Proposed projects must be a novel and innovative enterprise that goes beyond the existing and expected education and/or research efforts on campus.

Proposal Guidelines:

The proposal should include the following:

  1. Title of proposal
  2. Requester’s information (name, title, university name, mailing address, office phone)
  3. A problem statement or needs assessment documenting the problem to be solved or the needs to be met by the proposal.
  4. Objectives – establishes the benefits of the proposal in measurable terms.
  5. Methods – describes the activities to be used to achieve the desired results, along with a time line.
  6. Evaluation – presents a plan for determining the degree to which objectives are met, methods are followed, and continuation or usefulness of information beyond the grant period.
  7. Budget – indirect costs will NOT be covered by the grant. Indicate whether partial funding from the grant can be used to combine with other funds to achieve the proposal’s goals, and how certain the other funding sources are.
  8. A plan for dissemination of the results – presentations or poster sessions at PCCHA regional meetings or ACHA meetings as well as publication is strongly encouraged.
  9. Cover letter from chairperson, director, or department head who will be responsible for funds and conduct the program.

The committee reserves the right to reject any or all proposals if they do not comply with the intent of these funds.

Submit proposal on or before the deadline to:

Research and Grants Committee
Jeanie Deakyne
Manager of Health Information and Front Office
University of California, Irvine
501 Student Way
Irvine, CA 992614
Phone: (949) 824-1913
Fax: (949) 824-3033