Pacific Coast College Health Association Research and Grants Committee

Golden Gull Award for Best Practices in College Health

Deadline to submit nominations for 2018: July 31

The Golden Gull award was established by PCCHA in 2001 to recognize exemplary, innovative, and inspirational practices within four areas of college health: Clinical Services, Consumer Services, Counseling Services, and Health Education and Promotion Services. This award encourages the creation of programs to improve college health practices and advance the health of students.

Eligibility for Nomination:

  • Nominated programs may be self‐nominated or peer‐nominated
  • Nominated programs must be implemented at a PCCHA member institution, or have an individual member of ACHA/PCCHA directly involved with the program

Examples of Areas for Nomination:

  • Clinical Services may include: Nursing, Pharmacy, Physical Therapy, etc.
  • Consumer Services may include: Patient Satisfaction, Insurance, Quality Management, etc.
  • Counseling Services may include: Psychiatry, Psychology, Social Work, etc.
  • Health Education and Promotion Services may include: Outreach, Research, Education, etc.

Ideas to Consider:

  • How does the program promote healthy lifestyles that will have a positive impact on the decision‐making development of students (from PCCHA By‐Laws)?
  • How does the program reach out to diverse populations within the college or university?
  • How does the program encourage or facilitate the improvement of college health practices?
  • What is the context in which this program exists (i.e., school size, population, politics, relevant data)?

How to nominate a program:

The PCCHA Golden Gull Award Committee
c/o Brian Davies
The College of Idaho
2112 Cleveland Blvd.
Health and Wellness Center
Caldwell, ID 83605
Phone: (208) 459-5066

Past Recipients of the Golden Gull Award

Best Health Education and Promotion Practices
“Access to Online Birth Control”
University of California-Irvine, Student Health Center

Best Health Education and Promotion Practices
“C.H.E.W. Cooking Healthy, Eating Well Cooking Classes”
San Jose State University, Wellness and Health Promotion

Best Counseling Practices
“Suicide Prevention Brochure”
University of Arizona, Counseling and Psychological Services

Best Clinical Practices
“Student Wellness Case Management”
University of Nevada Las Vegas, Health Center

Best Health Education and Promotion Practices
“Bouncing Back: Building Resilience and Supporting your Wellbeing”
Simon Fraser University, Health Promotion

Best Health Education and Promotion Practices
“Rest & Relaxation”
San Jose State University, Wellness and Health Promotion

Best Clinical Practices
“Strategic Breathing Initiative”
Lane Community College, Health Services