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ACHA Connect

This online member community for ACHA members helps you to connect with other membersparticipate in discussion groups, and share resources.  

ACHA Connect offers many user-friendly features including:

  • Online discussion with multiple options for viewing messages and participating in conversations according to your individual preferences.
  • Searchable member profiles with privacy options that allow members to decide exactly what information to share and with whom. You'll have instant access to your ACHA contacts!
  • Resource libraries that allow members to share documents and information with others. No special technical skills are required – it's a simple as attaching a document. You can even share large files without cluttering your inbox!
  • ...and much more!

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Discussion Groups & Listservs

Student Health Service (SHS) Listserv, College Health Promotion List (HlthProm) Listserv, Students in Student Health List, and more)