Student Grant Guidelines

NCCHA will make available to college students/groups/organizations, matching funds of up to $500 for projects/programs that are directly applicable to College Health. It is the expectation of NCCHA that by having a funding source available, students will become actively involved in issues related to College Health, and thereby contribute to the enhancement of the overall health and wellness of college students within the North Central Affiliate.

The applicant's institution must be an NCCHA member in good standing, with current membership dues paid in full. A formal application form must be submitted (see below for downloadable form).

A written request (including financial statement) must be electronically submitted (via attachment) to the NCCHA President (see Board Members  for current president's email address). It is the discretion of the Board to consider or reject a proposal based on the financial status of NCCHA at the time of request and merits of the proposal. Only one program/proposal per institution will be funded during any given year. Project or program must be directly applicable to college student health.

You may view a sample grant application and final report.

Project Timelines


Application due - May 1
Project/program to begin - September 1
Project/program completion - December 15


Application due - November 1
Project/program to begin - January 15
Project/program completion - May 15

To Apply

Choose a format below to download a complete application package, including instructions, project timelines, application form, and financial statement form.