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Board of Directors


(One year term through 11/2023)
Brian Vanderheyden, MEd, MPH, CHES
Iowa State University


(One year term through 11/2023)
Jessica Doty, MSN, MBA, RN
University of North Dakota

Past President

(One year term through 11/2023)
Melissa Miller, AGPCNP-BC, APNP
University of Wisconsin-Whitewater


(Three-year term through 11/2024)
Diane Soran, PA-C
University of Minnesota 


(Three-year term through 11/2025)
Sara Parris, MHA, CHWP
Iowa State University

Membership Coordinator

(Three-year term through 11/2024)
Beth Baas, BSN, RN
Dordt University

Marketing and Communications

(term through 11/2024)
Deanna Sargent

Iowa State University

Member-At-Large, Iowa

(Two year term through 11/2024)
Jessica Shannon, RN, SANE-A
Iowa State University

Member-At-Large, Minnesota

(Two-year term through 11/2024)
Jennifer Jacobsen, MA, MPH
Macalester College

Member-At-Large, North Dakota

(Two-year term through 11/2023)
Betty Tykwinski, MSN, RN
Valley City State University

Member-At-Large, South Dakota

(Two-year term through 11/2023)
Mariah Weber, MS, RDN, LN
South Dakota State University

Member-At-Large, Wisconsin

(Two-year term through 11/2023)
Logan Edwards, PhD
University of Wisconsin Whitewater

Student Representatives


ACHA Board of Directors Representative, Region II (2023-2025)

Cheri LeBlanc, MD
Washington University in Saint Louis

Annual Meeting Leadership

Conference Planner

University of Minnesota Continuing Professional Development

Exhibit Coordinator

Beth Cotton, RN
University of Saint Thomas