MACHA provides opportunities for members to recognize their colleagues for their contributions. Please consider nominating a deserving individual for the John A. Hargleroad Award or the Janet Diggs Award to be presented at the MACHA Annual Meeting. To nominate a colleague for one of the awards, send a letter of nomination and at least two letters of support to the nominations chair (immediate past president). One letter should be from the nominee’s supervisor or director. Letters should be sent to  Ashlee Halbritter, Awards Chairperson.

John A. Hargleroad Award

The John A. Hargleroad Award is presented for service to MACHA. John A. Hargleroad II, MD, began the Mid-Atlantic College Health Association as we know it today. He served as MACHA’s president in 1977 and is the individual responsible for keeping MACHA alive at a time when we had little or no membership. Dr. Hargleroad was the first recipient of the award established in his name in 1985, in recognition for outstanding service to MACHA and its members.

Past Recipients

Edythe-Anne Cook, MPA
American University

Vanessa Stoloff, MD
University of Pennsylvania

Alene Waller, MD
University of Richmond

Deborah Mathis, MSN, CRNP
University of Pennsylvania

Sacared Bodison, MD
University of Maryland

Chris Rooney, BSN
Millersville University

Allan Medwick, MS
University of Pennsylvania

Janet Diggs Award

The Janet Diggs Award is presented for service to a college or university. Janet Diggs was known by her colleagues at Howard as an outstanding leader and mentor, whose efforts were directed toward the encouragement and achievement of college health values and goals. This award is given to recognize outstanding performance by members of a campus community who share Janet’s values.

Past Recipients

Rebecca Panichelli, RN University of Delaware

Anita Barkin, DrPH, MSN
Carnegie Mellon University

Evelyn Wiener, MD
University of Pennsylvania

Mary Zagar, RN
University of Delaware

Judy Groop, BSN
Messiah College

Affiliate New Professionals Award

The Affiliate New Professionals Award is presented to a MACHA Member at the ACHA Annual Meeting. The award is for a member who has been in the field of college health for less than five years and who has made significant impact to his/her institution and/or affiliate. The recipient can be a clinician, administrator, health educator, or mental health professional. To nominate a colleague for the New Professionals Award, send a letter of nomination and at least one letter of support (no more than 5)  to the nominations chair (immediate past president). One letter should be from the nominee’s supervisor or director. Letters should be sent to Ashlee Halbritter.

Past Recipients

Please visit the ACHA Awards Recipients page to view a list of those who have been honored as a MACHA New Professional. 

Evelyn B. Wiener New Professional Scholarship

The Evelyn B. Wiener New Professional Scholarship will be presented to the recipient of the Affiliate New Professionals Award of that year. This scholarship will cover the registration fee for the ACHA Annual Meeting for the year the recipient wins the award. This will help assure that the recipient of the New Professional Award not only can attend the annual ACHA conference, but can also receive their award in person.

Dr. Wiener was director of the University of Pennsylvania health service and held numerous positions locally and nationally, including Mid-Atlantic College Health Association president, committee chair, Annual Meeting Program Planning chair, Fellow, and Region IV Representative. Dr. Wiener actively recruited all she met in her work in college health to participate in MACHA and ACHA. She was an ardent supporter, and mentor to many new college health professionals.