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ACHA's Education Center for professional development provides opportunities that focus on the issues and skills you need to support the health of college students and campus communities. ACHA offers live events as well as on-demand presentations so you can learn – and earn CE credit – when and where it’s convenient for you. Check out all of ACHA's On-Demand webinars and Live Events here.

The following webinars on Healthy Campus are available.


 ACHA Healthy Campus: The Next Generation
Presenter(s): M. Scott Tims, PhD, Rebecca Caldwell, PhD, Andrea Drott, MSEd, and Jordan Perry, MPH, CHES, CWWS
Live Event: October 22, 2019, 2:00-3:00 pm EDT
Price: Free
This webinar will provide an update from the Healthy Campus leadership team about the next generation of Healthy Campus. The webinar will include an overview of historical and contextual Healthy Campus information, an introduction of the new framework, provide strategies for bringing current healthy campus initiatives to a close, and close with an opportunity to provide feedback.

Sunsetting Healthy Campus: Getting Ready for the Next Generation
Presenter(s): Jim Grizzell, MBA, MA, MCHES, ACSM-EP, FACHA, and Kimberly Peabody, PhD
Date Launched: October 17, 2019
Price: Free
This webinar will provide a historical context of the development of Healthy Campus since the 1980s, explain Healthy Campus’s relationships to Healthy People, list significant changes with each version of Healthy Campus, acknowledge the college health leaders throughout the years from 1985 through the 2010s, and set the stage and describe the rationale for Healthy Campus: The Next Generation.