Healthy Campus Framework

Framework Cover For the last 30 years, ACHA’s Healthy Campus program has aimed to provide a foundation for campuses working to become “healthy.” The overarching goal was for institutions to improve the health of their students, faculty, and staff by setting and linking to national health objectives. Over the last 10 years, the national conversation on health has shifted from a focus on physical and mental health to a broader conversation about well-being. As the Healthy Campus leadership team began to work on the new framework, the idea was to move away from clinically focused health objectives and from expecting one set of goals to serve a diverse nation to providing an aspirational framework that allows any campus a place to start, grow, and thrive. For ACHA’s Healthy Campus program to be relevant and useful, it requires a framework that allows for an institution of any size and any resource level to create their own path forward.

The new Healthy Campus Framework is a tool for developing and sustaining the health and well-being of all college communities. This document and associated assessments will allow a campus to evaluate where they currently stand and identify ways to move their campus well-being forward. Gone are national health objectives and decade-long goals—instead, the new Healthy Campus Framework is focused on providing tools and resources to help campuses progress toward being health-promoting universities by building a cornerstone, sharing strategies to create communities, and establishing a culture of health and well-being.

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