Student Ambassador Working Group

Students Members

  • Morgan Barnes, Florida State University
  • Gwyneth Burns, Boston University
  • Konul Karimova, Washington State University
  • Kayla McGarrell, University of Southern California
  • Dallion Richards, University of Arkansas

College Personnel Members

  • Padma Entsuah, MPH, CHES, Senior Health Promotion Specialist, Columbia University
  • Santee Ezell, MS, PCED, CHES, CHWI, CPM, CNP, CPT, Assistant Director of Health Promotion and Wellness, Mississippi State University
  • Michaela Martin, MPH, Assistant Director for the Student Life Student Wellness Center at The Ohio State University
  • Gabriella Nguyen, MPH, CHES, Health Educator, California State University, Northridge
  • Tanya Purdy, MPH, MCHES, Director, BWell Health Promotion, Brown University

HECCOP Project Director