Student Ambassador Program Toolkit


Eager to engage students in risk mitigation but unsure how to begin? Our toolkit will help you create a student ambassador program to promote healthy behaviors using positive reinforcement.

Thoughtful, compassionate response to the COVID-19 pandemic is ongoing. Even on campuses with high vaccination rates, there may be situations or settings where risk mitigation behaviors are still necessary. On campuses with low to moderate vaccination rates, individuals will need to assess personal and community risk on an ongoing basis and may choose to engage in risk-mitigation behaviors even if not required to do so. And, campuses will need to be responsive to variants, outbreaks, waning effectiveness of vaccines and seasonal flu. Student ambassadors can be a powerful component of an overall campus risk-mitigation strategy.

What's in the toolkit?

Our toolkit will include the following components:

  • Student Ambassador Planning Guide
  • Communication plan
  • Lesson plans
  • Customizable materials 

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