COVID Action Network (CAN!)

CAN! has numerous ongoing projects including:

* creation and maintenance of a lively Instagram account containing short student-created educational videos (recent examples include one on double-masking and a first person account of a student being vaccinated); advertisement of events; and reminders of testing and policy changes;

* Initiation of a campus wide town hall fall semester with College administrators and featuring VT Health Commissioner Mark Levine that has been adopted by the College as a twice monthly event that continues to be moderated by CAN! students;

* Campus wide surveys to inform the campus of student knowledge and opinions on topics ranging from campus testing procedures to senior feelings about campus graduation decisions. Most recently the survey group, at the behest of the VT Department of Health, wrote and is administering a statewide survey to Vermont College students to gauge student attitudes about vaccination and help determine potential concerns or vaccine hesitancy.

* Support of students in isolation and quarantine with student-created gift bags; supplies of treats and activities; and surveys to assess ways to improve support options.

* Projects to improve the morale and mentor health of students with "Pop Up" social events. This began over the semester break, when students and faculty-staff members of TEMP-CAN! undertook an ambitious "secret Santa" gift project for the approximately 100 students who remained on campus over the break under extremely restrictive social isolation rules. In addition to individualized gifts, TEMP CAN! provided activities and holidays foods for the students on Christmas and New Year's Eve. Afterwards, the social programming group took up the charge, recognizing the COVID is a twin pandemic affecting both physical and mental health.

* Another student group recently organized the Vermont Intercollegiate COVID Conference, a day long conference on Zoom bringing students from Vermont Colleges together in four sessions to discuss the topics of Quarantine and Isolation; Issues Affecting Graduating Seniors; Discipline Policies on Campus; and Vaccinations. The conference began with a short presentation from Vermont Health Commissioner Mark Levine. The information from the conference is being compiled to share with participants by two of the conference conveners.

The faculty co-directors of CAN! are planning to continue CAN! into the 2021-22 school year, and when COVID is no longer the central campus health concern, continue the initiative and structures that have been created, with the same acronym to stand for Community health Action Network

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