Being Community

Testing and Monitoring
Surveillance testing is required for all student athletes, student musicians, athletics staff, and ensemble conductors who have not voluntarily disclosed proof of vaccination for COVID-19.

Face Coverings
During academic year 2021-22, escalating requirements for face masks begin at Alert Level Green. At Alert Level Green, face masks are required in all classrooms, studios, laboratories, and during office appointments with students.. Beginning at Alert Level Teal, face masks are required in all indoor spaces on campus, with the exceptions noted on the COVID-19 Indicators and Alert Levels webpage.

In Alert Levels Blue and Green, face masks are required for spectators/patrons at certain types of events and locations to promote the safety of our community: CFL Main Hall events, indoor athletic events, and all music events.

At all Alert Levels, the CRT strongly encourages all unvaccinated individuals to wear face masks indoors. The CRT also strongly encourages all individuals, regardless of vaccination status, to wear face masks indoors when the CDC’s COVID-19 Integrated View indicates that Winneshiek County has a “substantial” or “high” level of community transmission.

With the exception of some large, indoor campus events, face masks are not required at Alert Level Blue. Nonetheless, members of the campus community should feel free to wear face masks at Alert Level Blue. Respecting the decisions of individuals to wear face masks, even when they are not required to do so, is an important element of our community ethos.

More detailed information can be found on the listed website.

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