For our grant funded program, we completed a series of activities that were largely used to provide social norming campaigns, increase open and regular conversations around science, encourages CDC guideline following actions and to encourage vaccinations. To meet those goals we did the following:

1) Vaccine Health hut and pop-up clinic: At this event we had a number of peer educators play jeopardy and spin the wheel trivia games to engage students in learning about COVID guidelines, and vaccination efficacy. During this time, peer educators would engage students in talking about Covid, specifically providing information about vaccinations and addressing any concerns the students may have. If students so desired afterwards, a pop-up clinic where they could receive a dose of the vaccine was located to the left and ran by the epidemiology department and a nursing facility.

2) Health and safety tabling: In this series of events, we would reserve a table in the union where we would provide hand sanitizers, masks, social norming buttons and would engage students in trivia and answer any questions they had about the vaccines, boosters or how to stay safe.

3) Vaccine confidence presentations: Personnel in our office create a vaccine confidence presentation that people could opt into taking, to learn more about the vaccine. This was presented for a series of classes, and we had a large group of students opt in to taking it on their own time.

We always formulated the conversation as, vaccinations are always a choice, the science shows the following information (insert information about their concerns here), and regardless of if you choose to get vaccinated or not, we recommend keeping up to date with health and safety guidelines, to wear masks, wash your hands and social distance. We had a lot of positive feedback from this program.

Outside of our office, the university offered incentives for students who got vaccinated such as: fifty dollar gift cards, entries to win large quantities of money, etc...

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