COVID-19 Communication

Clear, frequent, and transparent communications were key to ensuring compliance to public health protocols. At the start of the semester, the university created a COVID-19 hub and dashboard in a central location on the university’s homepage. The dashboard is updated daily with clear and easy to understand language and color-coded metrics.

Frequent and creative communications were developed for social media with print placards placed around campus to serve as reminders.

In the fall semester “scent tents” or tents filled with flowers served not only as a pleasant distraction, but also to remind students that loss of smell was a symptom of COVID-19.

At Sacred Heart University, our students are required to show an “all clear” symptom checker badge on their smartphone and wear a mask in order to enter classrooms. Faculty were given extra masks to hand out should a student need one.

Weekly updates are sent to the entire university and local community. All previous community updates are catalogued and easy to locate on the SHU COVID-19 Hub webpage.

Sacred Heart University

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