Vaccination Strategy


The San Carlos Apache College success stories are nothing short of amazing! As soon as the San Carlos Apache Tribal Healthcare Corporation reached out to us in the last week of the year 2020 and invited all educators to get vaccinated: the entire on-site staff voluntarily received vaccinations. 100% of on-campus staff was fully vaccinated by late January 2021. Many of our staff who work only remotely were also fully vaccinated.

We have continued to remain vigilant and share CDC statistics, updates, alerts, and vaccination information with our students and staff during this unprecedented crisis. We have accomplished this by using social media (Twitter, Facebook), our main website, bulk emails, posters, flyers, and word of mouth.

SCAC willingly shared face masks and hand sanitizer with all of our staff, students who visited the campus, vendors, contractors, and even people from the community who passed our doors.

The College rigorously conducted temperature screenings of our staff and anyone who entered our lobby. We incorporated this into a cloud-based sign-in form which subsequently generated a permanent record of who was here, when they were here, who screened them, and temperature screening results. Our sign-in and tracking form included the CDC COVID-19 questions for screening and no one was permitted entry without successfully passing this process.


We learned how important it is to engage people firmly but with patience and respect in order to enforce the usage of social distancing, PPE, and mandatory screening procedures.

All of the cleaning and sanitization practices this pandemic warranted has taught us all the importance of better ventilation and air quality needs to fortify our working environments to keep us better protected during the pandemic and beyond.

The support and patience students have needed have been incredible and dynamic. I think we all (all colleges and universities) learned how to be proactive about providing the best possible support during this crisis.

One of the biggest lessons to learn from this COVID-19 Pandemic is just how critical it is to follow official updates, information, and recommendations in order to share the best information with our students, staff, and the community at large.
Noh yaa Go´zho?´o?´ doleel!

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