Emerging Public Health Threats and Emergency Response Coalition

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The purpose of the ACHA Emerging Public Health Threats and Emergency Response Coalition is:

  • To address increasing concern posed by pandemic influenza or other emerging infectious diseases that are not vaccine preventable or sexually transmitted.
  • To be a long-standing mechanism for the exchange of information, resources, and tools to address college and university planning for pandemics and other emerging infectious diseases.
  • To address the need for information, training, resources and tools to assist members in developing public health planning and emergency response skills.

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Volunteer LeaderOrganizationPositionAlpha by Last Name
Spencer Benjamin Wong, MDCalifornia State University-East BayCo-ChairWONG, SPENCERPANDEMIC
Carman North, MPH, CPHUniversity of Tennessee - KnoxvilleCo-ChairNORTH, CARMANPANDEMIC
Andreea Baker, RN, BSN, MSNDoane UniversityBoard LiaisonBAKER, ANDREEAPANDEMIC
Robyn BuchsbaumAmerican College Health AssociationStaff LiaisonBUCHSBAUM, ROBYNPANDEMIC

Emerging Public Health Threats

Coalition Update: September 4, 2018

Zika Virus Update [pdf]

Zika virus infections in the Americas is one of the emerging public health threats we are currently following through the Emerging Public Health Threats and Emergency Response Coalition. Please contact Tim Moody, MD, if you have any questions.

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  • Assist ACHA in promoting healthy campus communities and advancing the health of college students.
  • Maximize your membership investment.

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