COVID-19 in Focus provides timely insights, talking points, and sample social media posts for institutions of higher education to share with their campus communities. New editions will be posted here.

Updated COVID-19 Boosters and Flu Vaccines (published September 23, 2022)

COVID-19 Safety Tips for the New Academic Year (published August 5, 2022)

Supporting People at Risk of Getting Very Sick from COVID-19 (published May 4, 2022)

Understanding Natural Immunity (published April 6, 2022)

Spring Break COVID-19 Safety Tips (published March 1, 2022)

Everything You Need to Know About Masks (published February 15, 2022)

Harm Reduction Strategies (published January 26, 2022)

De-escalating COVID-19 Conflicts (published January 12, 2022)

Omicron Variant and Holiday Tips (published December 7, 2021)

Flu Vaccine and COVID Booster (published November 30, 2021)

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