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Save the Dates! Three 2023 Continuing Education Series 

CoVAC is preparing an exciting line-up of professional education to begin in January. Information about the availability of CE credit is forthcoming.

The Trustworthiness Series – The Foundation for Health and Wellbeing on Campus

Significant portions of GenZ report mistrust of higher education. To be successful in any public health or student wellbeing initiative, campus leaders and health professionals must demonstrate trustworthiness to the community. This series will help participants understand and apply the principles of trustworthiness to their work, and educate campus leaders on the importance of cultivating and protecting students’ trust.

The Importance of Trustworthiness in College Health and Higher Education 
January 27, 2023; 12-1 PM ET  
Jennifer Bretsch, MS, CPHQ, LSSG, Manager, Health Care Quality and Public Health Initiatives, Director of Programs, AAMC Center for Health Justice, Association of American Medical Colleges 
Shannon Calderone, PhD, Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership, Washington State University, College of Education
Rahul Choudaha, PhD, Managing Director of Higher Education, Morning Consult

The 10 Principles of Trustworthiness  
February 10, 2023; 12-1:30 PM ET  
Philip M. Alberti, PhD, Senior Director, Health Equity Research & Policy, Founding Director, AAMC Center for Health Justice, Association of American Medical College

Applying Principles of Trustworthiness to Peer Education Programs
March 23, 2023; 12-2 PM ET 
Jennifer Bretsch, MS, CPHQ, LSSG, Manager, Health Care Quality and Public Health Initiatives, Director of Programs, AAMC Center for Health Justice, Association of American Medical Colleges 
Claudia Trevor-Wright, MA, JD, MCHES CoVAC Initiative  

Facts or Fakes? Promoting Health Literacy Skills with Your Students

Nearly 40% of Gen Z prefer to get their health information from Tik Tok. This five-part webinar series will provide tools for campus personnel to use when working with students to help them navigate misinformation, disinformation, and the infodemic. 

Health Literacy 101 
January 10, 2023; 12-1 PM ET 
Jennifer Dillaha, MD, Director of the Arkansas Department of Health and the State Health Officer for Arkansas and member of the National Academies Roundtable on Health Literacy

Digital Wellbeing and Mental Health: Helping Me is Helping We 
February 21, 2023; 12 – 1 PM ET 
Joseph T. Yun, PhD, Artificial Intelligence Architect, Office of the CIO Research Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering Affiliate, Pitt Cyber and The Collaboratory Against Hate University of Pittsburgh

Debunking Fake News 
March 7, 2023; 12-1 PM ET 
Joel Breakstone, PhD, Director, Stanford History Education Group
Jevin West, PhD, Associate Professor, Co-founder, Center for an Informed Public, Information School, University of Washington

Confronting Misinformation in our Circles of Influence 
April 18, 2023; 12-1 PM ET 
TBD, Office of the Surgeon General 

Managing the Infodemic: Getting Started
May 9, 2023; 12-1 PM ET
Chris Voegeli, PhD, MPH, Behavioral Scientist and Acting Vaccine Confidence and Demand Lead, National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases, Immunization Services Division, U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
Tina Purnat, Team Lead for Infodemic Management in the Unit for High Impact Events Preparedness, Department of Epidemic and Pandemic Preparedness and Prevention, World Health Organization (WHO)


Storytelling is the public health multi-purpose tool. Learning to tell our stories connects us to our deeper professional purpose, enhancing our resilience and boosting morale. It also allows us to build trust with our students, colleagues, and institutional leadership. In addition to highlighting the important work of front-line campus personnel, storytelling is a powerful advocacy tool for sustaining campus health infrastructure for the long term. This series will provide participants with the opportunity to develop their own narrative to advance leadership and advocacy as well as to educate about complex topics. Dates and details to follow. 

CoVAC Strategy Discussions  

A benefit of being a part of a community of practice is the opportunity to connect with each other to problem-solve. Need an online space to discuss, brainstorm, and commiserate with your colleagues about COVID-19 and more? Join us at the CoVAC Initiative Strategy Discussions. Dates and times vary, registration is required for each session. Please register with your .edu address.

Upcoming Sessions


 December 12, 2:00-2:50 PM ET 
COVID Mitigation for the Winter Travel Season


January 10, 3:00-3:50 PM ET
What will your campus COVID Plan Look Like in 2023?

February 7, 2:00-2:50 PM ET
COVID and the February Blahs (Give a Boost to Mental Health)

March 9, 3:00-3:50 PM ET
COVID and Spring Break

April 20, 4:00-4:50 PM ET
Summer COVID Communication Planning

May 3, 1:00-1:50 PM ET
COVID Planning for Fall 2023

Meet Them Where They Are: Digital Media Marketing Training Series

CoVAC is partnering with Youth Marketing Connection to offer a series of monthly training opportunities for college personnel to learn best practices in digital media marketing for student audiences. Topics will vary and all sessions will be recorded and posted for later viewing. For questions, please email


Building on Your Experience/Lessons Learned

Recorded May 3, 2022

Paid Social Media Campaigns

Recorded April 5, 2022

Social Media—Introducing New Campaigns (Mid-to-Advanced Level)

Recorded March 8, 2022

Social Media—Establishing a Presence (Intro Level)

Recorded February 8, 2022

Gen-Z Communication, Behaviors, Overview

Recorded January 11, 2022


Upping Your Social Game: Digital Media Marketing Training Series for Student Ambassadors

CoVAC is partnering with Youth Marketing Connection to offer a series of monthly training opportunities for peer educators to learn best practices in digital media marketing for student audiences. Sessions will be recorded and posted here for later viewing.

Student peer educators can register here for the Digital Peer Network. For questions, please email


Lessons Learned

May 11, 2022

Managing Burnout + Staying Organized

April 13, 2022

Planning + Executing On-Campus Events

March 16, 2022

Social Media Best Practices

February 23, 2022

Conflict De-Escalation

January 19, 2022

Other Events


Institutional Level Solutions to Reduce Employee Burnout

Many methods for addressing burnout put the burden on the individual to develop personal resilience. What might be done at the institution/community-level to reduce the conditions that produce burnout in the first place? In this free webinar, you will learn community-level strategies for ameliorating burnout. A faculty researcher and senior administrator panel will discuss how policies, cultural norms and leadership reduce burnout on their campuses, and they will offer suggestions for how you can advance solutions at your institution. This is a collaborative event with ACHA, ACE, and CUPA-HR.


Public Health Messaging Can be Funny Too!

The Communications team at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health balances important public health messages with humor and pop culture trends in their Instagram posts, memes, reels, and more. CoVAC Digital Media Consultant and MPH student Ari Villanueva interviews Nick Moran, Associate Director of Audience Development, in this short video with tips for other campus communicators.

Through Struggle and Perseverance: The Disabled Student Experience on a COVID-19 Campus

Two years have passed since the inception of the COVID-19 pandemic and campuses are still working through strategies, resources, and support in response to all that the pandemic has shifted in higher education. Disabled students arguably have faced the most challenges in relation to how they have responded to COVID-19 and managed their academic progress as well as their own health and wellness during the pandemic. And yet, disabled students arguably have persevered the most throughout all of the challenges of the past two years, even highlighting the ways in which COVID-19 illuminated how ableist and disability-unfriendly campuses were prior to the start of the pandemic. This recorded webinar explores the ways in which disabled students have traversed the past two years, supports that may exist on your campus for disabled students, and how you can be a support in their pursuit of health and wellness.

Presenter: Spencer Scruggs, Director of Student Accessibility Services at Trinity University



Data Highlights of COVID on Campus

In this presentation recorded on January 20,2022, , Christine Kukich, MS, Research Analyst at ACHA, and Gary Langer, President, Langer Research Associates, share Fall 2021 and Winter 2022 data highlights from two sources: the ACHA-NCHA and a series of Axios-Ipsos polls.