Campus Public Health Workforce Resilience

A robust campus public health infrastructure depends on knowledgeable, experienced personnel. Unfortunately, the fields of higher education and healthcare are experiencing a crisis in staff turnover and burnout. In an effort to boost morale, self-care and employee retention among campus personnel on the front lines of student support and well-being, CoVAC partnered with the Center for Koru Mindfulness to offer free registration in the Koru Mindfulness Fundamentals 5-week online course to 6 cohorts of up to 15 students each throughout the summer of 2022.

Based on the program evaluation survey, most participants responded in the affirmative that the program met its goals and improved their outcomes in several areas of personal well-being and professional preparation. This collaborative program provided an individual-level intervention to boost morale and retention for 90 campus personnel. With further support and resources, these personnel may be able to advocate for social-cultural level interventions on their respective campuses.

Click here to read the Program Evaluation Report.