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National Survey of Community College Students: Key Findings & Recommendations


Managing Public Health Crises at Community Colleges: 3 Key Strategies

CoVAC convened a year-long advisory group of leaders from community colleges to summarize lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic. Read their stories and more in this publication.

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Community College Advisory Council

In August 2022, the CoVAC Initiative published the National Survey of College Student COVID-19 Vaccination Uptake, Attitudes, Experiences, and Intentions. Results indicated students at two-year colleges were significantly less likely to be vaccinated against COVID-19 than those at four-year colleges. In response, we formed the Community College Advisory Council to inform efforts to increase vaccine uptake and confidence among students at two-year colleges.

The Advisory Council is composed of leaders from a diverse group of professionals from community colleges across the country.

  • Santa Rosa Junior College (CA)
  • Illinois Valley Community College (IL)
  • SUNY Jamestown Community College (NY)
  • SUNY Westchester Community College (NY)
  • Coahoma Community College (MS)
  • North Central Missouri College (MO)
  • Dallas College (TX)
  • Temple College (TX)

Meeting throughout the academic year 2022-23, the council members contributed their insights, wisdom, and advice to the publication Managing Public Health Crises at Community Colleges: 3 Key Strategies [coming soon] and provided guidance and expertise in developing the follow-up survey of community college students.