CCHA Recognition Program


The Central College Health Association (CCHA) Recognition Letter and Certificate procedure was developed as a way to acknowledge people who have helped support the mission of the association. These people can be members of the CCHA or "friends" of CCHA. They do not have to work in the field of college health to be eligible.

These letters of recognition and accompanying certificates acknowledge the direct contribution of the recipient and contribute to the recognition of the CCHA in our communities.

Examples of recognition:

  • Anyone working directly in college health
  • Someone who supervises the health services department
  • Another department, outside of college health, that has contributed to the health of students
  • A faculty member who has gone out of their way to support the health of a student
  • The chancellor of the college/university for supporting a smoking/tobacco free initiative on campus
  • A town/community member who has contributed to helping support the health of a student
  • This could be a bar owner who has decided to stop having inexpensive drinks at "happy hours" or a bar owner who has decided to have a clean air environment with no smoking where students gather.


  1. An individual is selected for recognition.
  2. Page 1 and 2 of the CCHA Request for Recognition Letter form is completed (fillable PDF)
  3. Form is sent electronically to CCHA secretary
  4. CCHA president prepares the letter of recognition and certificate
  5. CCHA president signs the letter and certificate and sends them to the recipient