RMCHA and CCHA Joint Conference: Call for Programs

RMCHA and CCHA are excited to host our first joint conference October 2020, and we are looking for presenters to join us in Denver.

The deadline for program proposal submissions is May 14, 2020.

Should you need assistance, please contact Alisa Kates.

How to Submit a Proposal

The online form below must be entered in one sitting, therefore...

  1. Compile your program proposal using the Call for Proposals Worksheet [MS Word]. (Important: Refer to the Instructions for Writing Learning Objectives and Content before completing the objectives section.
  2. For each co-presenter, complete a separate Co-Presenter Information Form [MSWord] and save each under a file name beginning with the co-presenter's LAST NAME
  3. Once you are sure all information is complete and can be entered online in one sitting, cut and paste the information from your proposal worksheet into the online form below. At the end of the form, you will be required to attach your Program Submission Worksheet and all Co-Presenter Forms.

Required fields are indicated by a "*"