ACHA Community Engagement Group

A subcommittee of the ACHA Program Planning Committee

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At its May 2023 meeting, the ACHA Board of Directors adopted Site Selection Guidelines to guide decision making and value-driven actions when the Annual Meeting or other ACHA events are held in locations with policies or regulations that are not in alignment with ACHA values.

The full guidelines, which detail the many factors that go into selecting a location for ACHA’s annual meetings, can be found below.

ACHA Site Selection Guidelines

Relevant to this year’s meeting in Atlanta, Georgia, ACHA Site Selection guidelines state that:

“In circumstances when ACHA holds an event in a city or state with controversial legislation or policies not aligned with ACHA values, the Association may partner with one or more member institutions and/or ACHA regional affiliates to determine value-driven actions.”

Creation of the Community Engagement Group 

In September 2023, the ACHA Board of Directors approved the creation of a Community Engagement Group (CEG), as a subcommittee to work in conjunction with the Program Planning Committee. The purpose of the CEG is to fulfill the Board’s commitment to support and partner with ACHA members and member institutions in the community (city, state or region) where the ACHA Annual Meeting or other event is being held. By working closely with ACHA members and member institutions in the community, ACHA seeks to ensure that its actions, while value-driven, will not harm or put in jeopardy members employed by state institutions.

The 2024 CEG is comprised of a variety of institutional members in Georgia, as well as selected ACHA leaders representing ACHA committees, coalitions, or task forces with intersecting interests. 

The Committee's Goals

The CEG has just begun planning for the upcoming meeting in Atlanta, but has set the following goals:

  • Prioritize the safety of all meeting attendees.
  • Allow space for respectful conversation and reflection.
  • Facilitate the open exchange of ideas and strategies as attendees navigate challenges on campus.
  • Provide meaningful opportunities for attendees to network.
  • Showcase the positive work being done on campuses and support those doing the work.

If you need assistance in illustrating the benefits of attending the ACHA Annual Meeting, feel free to adopt the Justification Letter to suit your needs.

In the months leading up to the meeting, we will provide more detailed information on this web page about specific initiatives or opportunities available in Atlanta. Also watch for updates in ACHA’s Conference Connection weekly email, which will start going out in May to registered attendees.

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