Industry Presentations

Industry presentations provide the opportunity for company representatives to conduct a session to present educational issues, research, or product/service information to ACHA attendees. Industry presentations are not part of the ACHA 2023 Annual Meeting’s accredited educational meeting nor eligible for CE credit. Companies will be required to include a mandatory disclaimer and follow terms and conditions for how this session may be marketed. 

How to Apply

Complete the application form and payment authorization form and submit to

Key Details

Cost: $15,000

Session Length: 60 minutes

Attendance Capacity: 60-100 depending on your choice of room set.

Available Dates/Times:
Four product theater slots will be available, with two running concurrently on Wednesday and two running concurrently on Thursday. 

Wednesday, May 31, 2023, 12:15 pm-1:15 pm ET, or
Thursday, June 1, 2023, 12:15 pm-1:15 pm ET

Attendees have a break from general sessions between 11:30 am - 1:30 pm ET both days. The industry presentation schedule allows attendees time to get lunch on their own beforehand. ACHA will not provide food or beverage at the industry presentations. Companies have the option to contract with the hotel for food or beverage on their own, but this is not required.

Overlapping the industry presentation times are ACHA section meetings on Wednesday and affiliate meetings on Thursday. The attendance draw for those meetings is approximately 450 each day, out of 1800-2000 attendees.

What’s Included in the $15,000 Fee

What’s Not Included

·      Seating in theater or round set (your choice), head table with podium

·      6 ft table at entrance to meeting room for handouts

·      Standard a/v which includes laptop (we will preload your slides), projector/screen, speakers, microphones.

·      Information about the session publicized in the Final Program, meeting website, and mobile app.

·      Pre-meeting mailing list of registered attendees (6 weeks out). NO EMAIL ADDRESSES ARE PROVIDED.

·      ACHA-designed standard meeting signage (22x28) in registration area, directional signs as needed, and for outside the meeting room door. (Optionally, you may bring your own branded signage for the meeting room entrance or for inside the room.)

The following are not furnished by ACHA but may be permitted at the sponsoring company’s additional expense. Please contact ACHA to discuss.

·      Food and Beverage

·      Lead Retrieval (ACHA will offer an optional smartphone-based service.)

·      Advanced Registration

·      Lodging or Travel Expenses

·      Supplying or copying handouts

·      Shipping/receiving of presentation materials

·      Additional a/v equipment or services