ACHA Celebrates!

Featuring the 2019 Award Recipients and Fellows!

Wednesday, May 29 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm

What is "ACHA Celebrates!"?
ACHA Celebrates! is an awards ceremony featuring the 2019 Award Recipients and Fellows. It follows the Opening Reception: Celebrating Diversity where we will have appetizers and a cash bar.

Who are we honoring?
ACHA is honoring the 2019 Award Recipients and Fellows at the beginning of this event. These are individuals or groups who are making exceptional contributions to ACHA, the field of college health, or their own health center and campus.

Will there be a dinner portion of the event?
We changed the format of the Awards and Fellows Celebration Dinner last year. Instead of a ticketed dinner, we will have the Awards and Fellows presentation, followed by The Million Dollar Murder, an Interactive Comedy Mystery (details below).

Who's invited to "ACHA Celebrates!"?
All registered meeting attendees are invited, and this is included in your meeting registration fee. ACHA 2019 Meeting name badges will be required for admittance.

The Million Dollar Murder

Your presence is requested at the reading of the will for the recently deceased, multi-billionaire, Senior Meene. First in line for the bulk of the estate, seems to be his only child, Junior Meene. What about Miss Finch, the young wife grieving widow or devious gold digger? Also, in attendance are Professor Prune, scientific genius and distinguished allergist; Colonel Dippinsaus, noted adventurer and bon vivant and Mrs. Off-White, domestic servant and accredited psychic. Super Pollen, secret identities and torrid love triangles all contribute to this evening’s suspense, mystery and dare we say murder!

With the emphasis on humor, the mystery unfolds with a crime that must be seen to be believed. The room is now full of suspects, as the clues and jokes fly fast and furious. It is now your turn to become even more involved. The plot thickens as the Detective arrives at the scene of the crime to question everyone and try to get to the bottom of this baffling mystery. Your group breaks into teams, forms their own detective agency and appoints a captain. Which team will be able to solve the crime and figure out WHODUNIT?